Born in East Los Angeles, Chef Mario Christerna describes his many years of culinary training as “manifested from his dreams.” Growing up, Christerna liked to sneak into cupboards in search of hidden spices to improve the family’s meals.

Chef Mario’s unique journey included serving as a tour manager for leading bands and DJ’s.  Discovering a true passion for cooking, he was inspired to pursue his childhood dream and returned to the U.S. to enter culinary school. Through Chef Mario’s determination, he earned a meeting with acclaimed Chef Martin Berasategui at Barcelona’s 2 star (now 3 star) Michelin Restaurant, Lasarte, which lead to a culinary mentorship.

Christerna returned to his native Los Angeles in 2014 to build his own restaurant. He opened his first restaurant, The Briks, in downtown where he offered an explosion of flavor and a nuanced balance of the culinary influences gathered during his world travel. His unique menu was celebrated by the critics. Christerna will be opening a restaurant in Hollywood in the summer of 2018 and a Mexican-American restaurant in Berlin Germany in the spring. Chef Mario has made a number of television appearances, including one on Spanish network, Telemundo.



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